Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Ok, so, here is my question for the great blogership. I have a lot of projects going. I keep starting them. However, is it called startitis, if I am finishing them?

I finished DeAndre's sweater from the cone of yarn I bought a couple of months ago. I took a picture, but haven't gotten around to uploading it. I also should take a picture of the cone after, to compare with before. I think I used a little more than half of the cone. DeAndre' wore it to school yesterday, and put it on to wear again today. (I wouldn't let him).

I also finished yesterday the fourth of five stockings. Wove in the ends on this one and everything. I have left one stocking to go - I haven't cast on for it, yet. I need to weave ALL ends in on one of them, and a few left to weave in on another. So, I guess I am 75% done with that project.

I am REALLY close to finishing the yoke on Dad's sweater. Apparently, there is some more fussy work after the yoke, so I can't guess a % on that one.

I cast on for me some wrist warmer things. I haven't gotten very far on these, but no matter, they are only for me.

Last night, I found a pattern for a Sweater for Malik. Now, I have to figure out if I want set in sleeves or drop sleeves. Looking for that link, I LOVE the patterns there. Such a good range of sizes. I can make something for my large size step-dad! Of course, that means buying A LOT of yarn, and taking A LOT of time.

I have mentally put the fair isle vest for Marcus and the fair isle Dale pattern in the frog pile. I knit them both too tight, and I will need to start them over.

Haven't worked on Minimalist in awhile. That is all my projects (I think) that are currently OTN.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


First, please go to Korin's site to read this post, then click (if you are so inclined).

Then, Knitting updates:

Here are the 3 1/2 of 5 Christmas Stockings

DeAndre's sweater. I have only a little left on the arm, then weave in 6 ends.

Another shot

I haven't gotten very far on Minimalist. It is kind of hard for me to do the increases and stay in 1x1 rib pattern.

See, not very far...

Done with Ayanna's hat. It is too big for her, and it kind of gathers on the top, but it works. I don't care enough to rip it out.

I don't really know the best way to photograph Avast. I have finished the body and both sleeves, now they are all together so I can do the yoke and the decreases for the raglan and finish the whole thing. It isn't the easiest project because the 79 stitches for the sleeves are in a place on the body where I bound off maybe 5 stitches, so it is a bit tight, and I am a bit worried about the joins on my needles. I am also worried that I put the sleeves on "wrong" so that the sleeves will be in reverse stockinette stitch while the rest is in regular St. St. I did it just according to the pattern, though, so we will see.

I am supposed to be working on some Toe-up socks for a class for, but I have a little too much going on right now, so I am printing the instructions and saving the video clips until I can start them.

Today was rumored to be the last game for DeAndre's football season, so I made sure to take pictures. However, he has practice on Wednesday, so I don't know what that means.

Well, my DH is upstairs in bed, and I'd like to join him.

Good night.