Friday, July 29, 2005


The boys landed last night about 11:30 Denver time. They had a blast on the plane. They will be back sometime Monday.

I got to go to a LYS' Knit-Nite last night, and the great Cheri fixed my screwed up Aran for me. I was 1/2 way done with the third repeat. I need to work a total of 5. I am now just starting repeat #3.

I am about half way done with the foot on sock #1. I sure am glad I bought 3 balls of yarn for this baby. I am almost done with the first one. I don't think I will use a lot of the third ball, but 2 WOULD NOT have been enough!!

Going to the beach tomorrow just for the day. Sale at a LYS there. My DH wants to golf on Sunday. This would be fine with me, because there is a group meeting that day. August has a whole bunch of knitting related stuff I can do. I might not be home much.

My boss is going to play golf SOMETIME today! I wish I knew when, because the sooner he leaves, the sooner I can knit!!!

We do have to go to my mom's house this weekend and get some baby stuff - high chair, swing, ??? We will have to fit that in on Sunday between golf and knitting.

I was supposed to have a doctor's appointment today. I got there and they said it was not today, it was Monday. I know I heard her right when I made the appointment and put it on my calendar (at the same time)! I am not sure what she did to change my appointment!

I think that is all, have a good weekend!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Weekend plans

My kids will be gone from Wednesday night until sometime Monday. I told my boss this, and he got me a $200 Visa Gift Card so me and my honey can live it up with no children. We are gonna go to the beach - but only to spend the day, because it is too late to get a reasonable priced room. We will maybe go see a movie, but I don't think there is anything out I wanna see.

I will knit! I have three projects that need to be finished. One needs a lifeline added so I can rip out for a bit. I hope to have one of two shops do it for me. Then I can rip and work on the rest of the front of the Aran sweater. I am done turning the heel on sock #1 of my Step-dad's sock for Father's Day. Plus, my cousin's wedding in September needs the afghan done. I am about 1/3 of the way done. It is an hour and a half drive each way to the coast. KNITTING TIME!!

This weekend was work. We got the crib set up in my fiber room. My yarn storage is currently in our bedroom. I need to get at least one more bookshelf out of the baby's room to make room for the changing table that is at mom's house. We will maybe pick up all that stuff this weekend.

Malik (10 yo) told me Sunday night that he is scared that when I go into the hospital to have the baby, I won't come back out. Poor, worrying baby.

I guess that is it, for now.

Friday, July 22, 2005

I finally got some time...

Boy do I have updates!

I got about 1/2 way done with the third repeat on my Aran, and realized there were a few mistakes that I couldn't ignore. I need someone who doesn't have so much invested in the project to put in a lifeline so I can rip it back some for repairs. I haven't touched it in a couple of days. Therefore, of course, my goal for the front done by Monday is now not gonna happen!

I have been working on the first sock for my FIL Father's Day present. (I know, late, but he won't be too hurt). I need nine inches on the leg according to Ann Budds pattern for size 13 shoes! I am at maybe 6 or 7 right now.

I have discovered that I don't need all patterns to be challenging, I just need to have a couple of different patterns going at once (like I need an excuse). I think my goal is to have one that is a sock or other small something, one is a cable/fair isle/etc, and one stockinette. The variation is good for me.

My local TKGA guild is pushing membership hard. I would really like to join, but if I join, then I am a member for a year, and I don't know if I am going to be able to be an active member in Jan, Feb... with a baby. Plus, the meetings are clear on the other side of town on a weeknight. They say they have speakers, and helpers, and two days a year they go on a tour of all the LYS and have discounts on this day. And retreats, and I don't remember what else. I could meet more real-live knitters. I only know a couple local knitters, and they are mostly bloggers, so don't really know them. You can go (I think) twice to check it out, and there is someone volunteering to drive from my side of town, so I think I will at least go to that one. Of course, the last one was yesterday, so I have to wait a month.

My cousin is getting married in Colorado next weekend, and my dad bought the boys tickets and is taking them, so from Thursday next week until Monday, my DH and I will be alone! I think this is the longest we have been together without them. Then I get an email from a store on the coast that is having a sale that same weekend. Gee, maybe we will go to the coast.

My tummy poked out a bit overnight one night this week. I am still not showing so that perfect strangers on the street see it (and might never), but co-workers are noticing.

Finally, and best of all, my Secret Pal sent me a gift. My camera still isn't up to par, so I can't upload the pic, but I got:

Some notecards,
Some Burts Bees lotions
This book
and this yarn the color is called A Time For Us - first on the color card. That page even has a pattern for a one skein scarf!


My mom is funny (not really). Everytime I tell her about this Secret Pal thing she always reacts like "gee, what a bother to have to figure out what to send people and then get it and mail it." After I was gifted this week, I called her and told her what I got, she seemed genuinely impressed. Secret Pal, I just want you to know that it is nearly impossible to impress my mom, but you did it!

I think that's it...

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Dear Secret Pal...

I got my package the other day. Real busy at work right now. Will post more later.


Monday, July 18, 2005


Well, I have a couple of progress notes to add. I aimed to get done with the fourth repeat of the front of the Aran. I got about half way through the fourth. I might be able to get done with it tonight, which is technically Monday, so my goal will be reached. I am at this moment running short on yarn - not for the sweater - I have lots, but for the stash in my purse. Therefore, I can't do too much today before I get home. For some reason I can no longer get my pics off my camera, so no pics.

Baby progress. I felt it move yesterday evening. I tried to let my husband feel it, but he couldn't. I felt it once or twice when he had his hand on me, but he didn't feel it - I don't know if the movements were not strong enough or if his hand was in the wrong place, or both. It still doesn't feel real to me for some reason. Also our hand me down crib was delivered Saturday. It isn't set up or anything, yet, but... I will have to reconstruct my fiber room/guest room to make room for baby. I have no idea what I will do with it all. I don't have a huge stash, but that room has a lot of junk in it - fiber related and not. I really do have to work on it someday. Maybe labor day weekend if it is not too hot. Otherwise, it might wait until the four day Thanksgiving Day weekend. (Cutting it a bit close, but...)

Friday, July 15, 2005

Slow Week

at work, anyway. The boys spent the night at grandma's house last night, and my DH decided he wanted to play golf, so I decided since Thursday is Knit-Knite at a local shop, I'd knit! Yeah! Plus, I get to go to a SnB tomorrow and maybe even on Sunday! How exciting!! I'm almost done with the second repeat out of four I wanted finished by Monday - I have faith. Two repeats over a weekend is do-able, maybe. It is certainly not impossible, anyway.

Check out this link from

This was in our local paper the other day - funny.

So, I mentioned by brother's birthday party last weekend - here are pics:

Not a very good one of me, but I really do knit, see:

Jen Knitting Posted by Picasa

There was coloring with sidewalk chalk on the driveway - have I ever told you that I have three boys, one just happens to be 38 years old:

Marcus coloring Posted by Picasa

DeAndre' has his back to you with a grey shirt on

And with children Posted by Picasa

It was my brother's 30th birthday:

Birthday Boy Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 11, 2005

I accomplished something!

Not even really far from my deadline!!! The back of the Aran is done. It has a couple of ends to weave in, and needs to be BADLY blocked, but DONE! Of course I have to still get a pic, but one thing accomplished is something! I finished it Friday night. Then Saturday and Sunday and so far today I made progress on the front. I am now 5" in. This translates to half of the large center repeat. I have to finish five repeats. I am so glad that I am actually making progress on SOMETHING - even if other things are just hanging around my house.

Saturday we went to (among other places) my son's friend's birthday party. At this party I discovered I am being stalked. One of the other moms - who I have known for maybe 7 years - informed me that she actually reads my blog. This is the only person I knew before I blogged who reads my blog that I know of. She has actually read it more than once. I don't think she checks in every day, and I don't know if she reads all posts between checking in, but WOW!! Hi Beverly!!! I also found out while I was there that one of the other moms I have known for 7 years is due January 9th-ish. About three weeks after me. This is especially funny since our oldest children are about 3 weeks apart, too. Our first children are both mixed children. We were both single moms. Our current pregnancies are with men we have met since, and we got married a year apart. The only differences are she didn't have another child, and her husband has children from an earlier marriage. Kinda creepy the similarities.

Another place we went to is my brother's house for his birthday party. While there, of course, I pulled out my knitting. My sister's new BF (this week, anyway), was very shocked that people knit. However, he told me that I should sell sweaters on Ebay. I asked him how much I could get, and he said $60-100. I thought that was very generous of him, since most people would only say $25. But of course, I would think my time and materials would be worth more than that.

I will try to get a pic of the sweater this week. My goal by next Monday is to finish the fourth repeat of the front of the Aran. Think good thoughts.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Blue Moon Fiber Arts

One of our local Stitch n Bitches just received this post to our board, and I thought I'd share.

Hi all, this is Kaci from Blue Moon Fiber Arts and we've had some calls lately about a "Socks that Rock" update that they heard here on SNB. I try to read as many messages as possible so that we keep in touch with the local knitters but I felt that it might help if I clarified what we are doing with our sock yarns.

This is not a solicitation, we encourage all of you to support local yarn stores regardless if they carry our products or not, we enjoy and buy other yarns, patterns and books everywhere too!
I wanted to post our latest communication update so as not to confuse anyone further! Here is our blurb:

'Soft Rock' is now labeled as 'Socks that Rock-lightweight' but is now bundled in larger skeins. We've been listening to our knitters and heard their great ideas. Recently we have changed the skeins to 325 yards, enough to knit a pair of socks and then you don't have to worry about dye lots! Later this fall we will have 'Socks that Rock' in three options;

lightweight: 8-10 sts per inch on size 1 dpns (aka: 'Soft Rock' available now)mediumweight: 6-8 sts per inch on size 2 dpns (original 'Socks that Rock')
heavyweight: 4-6 sts per inch on size 4 dpns (new worsted weight)

If you still have questions feel free to e-mail me off list at knitting to all!

Kaci Kyler Hays

In other news, I was suppossed to be finished with the front of Halcyon Aran by yesterday morning. Let's just say it it didn't quite work out. I got close, though. Right now I am 8 rows from finishing the final repeat. Then I bind off (which I finally figured out all by myself). Of course, this is the time I have to start a new ball of yarn. Kinda hate that Murphy's law. Hopefully, by Monday morning, I will be a good ways into the front.

Last night when we pulled into the garage after work, my DH showed his true colors (which I already knew, but is still nice to see). Right when he cut off the engine, the phone started to ring, so I quickly got out of the car and (attempted) to run in the house to get it. Please imagine our garage with all kinds of kid toys and stuff all around. This particular day, there was a pretty slick book on the floor. So, of course, I stepped on it, then slipped. I fell right onto the concrete step that goes into the house. My DH was on the phone talking to his cousin, whom he told to hang on cause I fell. He checked me out (I was fine, just a couple scrapes on elbows, one scrape each on knee and thumb.) Then he told his cousin he was gonna talk to him later. He made sure I was okay, and not just saying that, then guided me into the living room to sit down. Then he and the boys made sure all the stuff was out of the car, and he helped me upstairs to change my clothes. So sweet!

Today is Luther's funeral in New York. He will then be buried in New Jersey. Game Show Network tomorrow is showing the two times he appeared on Family Fued. He was part of a show called "Grammy stars" or something like that. They will be on at 9 and 9:30 ET. If you would like more information, you can read this story. If you want to add to his Guest Book, you can do so here. There are currently 1485 published messages and 149 pages, and this number is moving fast!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Weekend Update

I forgot to push Publish Post yesterday...

My cousin's birthday is July 3rd. To celebrate, we always go over and eat dinner, have presents, and shoot off fireworks. While we were there, my dad looked down at my 10 YEAR OLD SONS head, and noticed a GREY HAIR!!!!!!! OMG!!! My dad said that his mom (my grandmother) started getting grey hair at 10. 10?!?!?!

Grey hair Posted by Picasa

I finished the fifth repeat on the front of the Aran. I have to finish one more repeat. I don't quite understand the bind off instructions, so I emailed the designer, and she gave me some feedback, but I don't quite "get it." I gotta see it. So, I will take it to a LYS somewhere and see if they can help me.

Speaking of LYS, KR had a post for a new one opening yesterday. Danger - it is the closest one, so far, to my house! I went by. It was pretty small, but they have a table in the back, probably for classes, and some seating in the front. It was nice. When I went in, they requested I take some flyers to share with my friends. I don't really have any real life knitting friends, but if I remember to bring it with me tomorrow, I will scan it. The name of the store is The Naked Sheep Knit Shop.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Luther, my love

Luther Posted by Picasa

My favorite singer of all times has died. Luther Vandross died today at the age of 54. I will be listening to his music all weekend.

Checking in

Yesterday I received a comment to join the Jennifer Knitters Knit Ring. How fun!!! Of course, I did right away!!

I also joined the Knitters UFO Anonomous (sp?) knit along! Boy do I need it! The only thing I am interested in working on is this Aran. It does have a deadline, and it is in September, so only two months left. My boss is out, which means work will be boring. I have half of today and Tuesday and Wednesday here all by myself, so between that and the long weekend, I want to get the front done by Thursday morning. I might not make it, but that is my goal. I have two socks cast on that are using the same needles - one is hanging out on some scrap yarn. The one for Malik won't take long because it is for a kid. The one for my step-dad will take awhile since he is a size 13. Those are priority.

I never have finished Mariah. I am in the yoke and it doesn't feel right, so it is just sitting there. I really would like to wear it someday. I also never finished my fair isle hat. I should work on that. I only have the top left to finish, then at least something would be done. Anyway, hopefully, the front of the aran by this time next week. That will certainly be progress.

Have a good fourth.