Sunday, April 22, 2007

Falling down on the blogging job

So, I composed two posts but never actually posted either of them. I felt I wasn't finished with them, but then I never found the time to actually complete them. So, here they both are:

Chrissy and Katrina were two of the people who put on the 2007 Tigard Knitting Guild Shop Hop. We got to the school where we all met to get on the bus. When we got there, we received our Lantern Moon bags with PLENTY of loot in there. So much that the organizers suggested we put them in our cars because they were heavy. In the bags was an Interlacements Scarf Kit, a mini skein of Panda Wool some miscellaneous yarn samples from KPixie; candy and some yarn from The Sweet Sheep. We got a pattern book from Dale, and lots of coupons and samples. Heck, I can’t remember it all, use a combination of my pictures and Amanda’s post. She covered it all very well. Also check the Shop Hop Blog for the mother load of information and pictures.

At the first store, All About Yarn, I got a book I had wanted for a long time, a pattern that Halle Berry wore in A Perfect Stranger. It looks cozy! And a thing to put on my finger to control more than one strand of yarn at a time.

At The Knitting Bee, I got a pattern from Fiber Trends for a dress for Ayanna and got some Red Encore to make it. I also got a mini Kacha counter.

At Knit/Purl I got some roving, a spindle and a couple of patterns.
I also decided to help Darcy (the owner) wrap purchases. This is my store. I am there every week for knit night, and I like these people. I got some good-natured ribbing, but it was okay.

I found a second favorite store. I really like Dublin Bay, and their knit night is Tuesday. When I can’t make it to Knit Purl due to a conflict, I used to go to another store on Tuesdays, but next time I have a conflict, I will try Dublin Bay. Here I decided to fix a problem. I had been working on another project before this, but there was some kind of problem, I don’t know if it was cause I wrote the pattern down wrong, or if I made an error, or what, but I was stuck and needed a project quick. I walked into Dublin Bay and found a project in a bag. It included the yarn, the pattern and the needles, along with some buttons. I am now, therefore, making a purse for Ayanna. I am going to give the rest of it to DeAndre’ to make himself a little wallet. The wooden needles are kind of short, and are wooden size 8. They are very sticky. DeAndre’ didn’t have his own needles before this, so now he does. I also got some buttons for the project for Ayanna that I started but had to abandon on the bus.

At Lint, I hung out in the discount book section, and got 6 books/pamphlets for less than $30!

At the final store, Molehill Farm (I can’t find a link), I bought nothing. They have a tub in the back (no, really, a tub). This store used to be a house, and in the back is a bathroom. In the tub, they put the sale yarns. I had heard tell of the tub, but I never got to see it before.
Finally, while were on the bus in between stops, they had give-aways. Everyone got one. This is what I got. It was donated by Jimmy Beans Wool. That is ten balls of
Then they asked if anyone's button had a star sticker on the back - mine did, and I won this.
I can't wait until I get to go again!!
The other post (originally written April 13!)

Natalie updated the 2007 Knitalongs list. I found and joined the For Me?! knit along. I will join the Coffee Swap on Monday (I joined, and have a pal!)

Friday, April 13, 2007

The Shelburne Inn

DON'T EVER STAY AT The Shelburne Inn!!!!

It is in South West Washington on the coast.

We had reservations for tomorrow night. For some reason they wrote March 31 instead of April 14. That is my fault, not his. This guy has clearly NEVER heard of customer service! He would be willing to let us stay there if we stayed for two nights. Of course, we would have to pay for the second night! This means that on Friday night at 6:00 pm we would have to drive 2 1/2 hours after packing up and dropping off the children.

I just checked the website. They have 8 rooms available - OUT OF 15!!! Are you kidding me!!! We can't have ONE NIGHT!!! I already had to jump through about a thousand hoops to get the room anyway!!!

Friday, April 06, 2007


So, I finished two things yesterday! The secret project was turned in yesterday afternoon, and then I finished the socks at knit night last night (pictures to follow tomorrow or so).

I have cast on for secret project #2. It is a mostly stockinette stitch 6 month old size sweater, so I should be able to whip it out pretty quick. Then, maybe I can work on some other stuff!

I have two baby stories to share! The first one is Ayanna now wants you to read to her. She will pick up a book, and walk backwards into your lap so you can read her the book! It is so cute. Of course, she only lasts about a page or less per book, so there is quite the pile of books sitting next to you when she is done!

Second, Ayanna is not allowed to play with the phone. She knows this! She also knows this is my rule, and Daddy doesn't so much care. I was doing laundry the other day and I heard the beep, beep of someone punching buttons on the phone. I yelled "AYANNA ROSE BROWN" and started for the living room to get the phone from her. When I walked into the living room, she was in between her daddy's legs and the phone was on the couch and she had this "who me?" look on her face. Apparently, when she heard me call out her name, she ran to her daddy and pitched the phone to the other side of him.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Gift Received!

I got a present from my Secret Pal yesterday!

Two skeins of Shadow in Grape Jelly

I got the new Casts Off. YEAH!!!

Stitch markers from zephyr style. The third one from the left says "Yarn Ho and proud of it" Ain't it the truth, Ain't it the truth.

I was soo excited about the book from Harlot that I started to read it right then. Then I remembered that I wanted to make sure that for all the trips this month, I have a book or two. This is a book, huh? I guess I should put it down, now, huh?

Thank you, Secret Pal!

I forgot to mention in my last post that I signed up for TKGA Masters Program a couple of weeks ago. I have to make 16 swatches, a hat and do some essays. This is level 1 of 3. I finished about half a swatch.

That is all for now.