Monday, December 12, 2005

Only hours left, now

I will go in tomorrow at 5:30 am. The surgery will start at 7:30. I should be out of surgery by 8:30. I can start having visitors around 10:30 (I think). I will be there until Saturday, unless I feel up to leaving on Friday.

I got NO SLEEP last night. Just trying to remember everything I need to make sure is in order before I am out of the house for a week, and then not 100% for however long that takes me.

I finished all but the blocking on the baby sweater. It is in my diaper bag right now. I am still working on the socks for me, but I am not done with the first one, so I don't anticipate being done by tomorrow morning (oh, well). I will bring them with me. I am almost done with the foot, then I just have the toe and the second sock.

I realize I might get NO knitting done while I am there, but I do believe in Murphy's Law, and if I DON'T bring any knitting, I will be kicking myself. So, I have knitting. I have a hat to start and finish for my dad, a washcloth to finish (it is about 1/4 of the way done), and the sock. I also have two partially completed books to bring with me and a couple of Sudoku puzzles.

I had a very productive weekend. I got the boys' haircut, we got the tree put up and decorated. We got grocery shopping done (I forgot how much I like Winco Foods). Almost all Christmas presents are bought (I have two more to buy today, and one other one I can't decide on) and wrapped (I have some for my DH hiding at my neighbor's house that are not wrapped).

I can't eat or drink after midnight, which isn't bad, except I don't know when I will be allowed food, again. We are going to dinner tonight at Denny's (I love the Grand Slam) so I should be as full as I can be when we leave there. All the bags are packed (one each for the boys, one for the baby and one for me).

I will post, again, when I can. I hope to have lots of pics to show you all.

Friday, December 09, 2005

See, I can post

I must be getting back in the swing of things, huh?

Of course, we are a bit slow at work for the moment, and we were REAL busy for a time. I also don't want to jinx it, so we'll see how long this lasts.

I do have various updates.

First, I am posting, which means I'm not in the hosptial. So, the baby is not here yet. We'll see if I make it to Tuesday, but so far, so good.

Next, I posted yesterday (and then deleted it) about not having internet at home. That changed last night. As of Wednesday, December 14, we will have internet, so I will be able to post when I am off work.

Last, I finished the pick up and knit part of the baby sweater and wove in some of the ends. There is no reason I shouldn't have that thing polished off by the weekend (unless, of course, Murphy's Law has its say). I am in the foot of sock number one of the pair I will wear in the hosptial if I get them done in time. Worsted weight does go faster, so, I can hope for good things (even though I might not accomplish them).

Have a good weekend!!! (I love saying that!!)

Thursday, December 08, 2005

1 cm

I had my last doctor's appointment yesterday. The doctor said to Malik "Do you think I'm gonna let your momma die?" Then after he left the room, so I could have the real check, she said, we really have to watch you, or he will come after me. I think he slept yesterday. I am 1 cm dialated. That could mean something or nothing. I am hoping for nothing. I am counting on Tuesday. Payday is Monday, and I have to go grocery shopping on Monday. Plus, we have plans this weekend. I know you can't plan too much when a baby is coming, but I hope I can plan on Tuesday. I hope this baby doesn't have too many other plans.

I worked on the sweater a bit yesterday. I have to do three rows garter stitch. However, I forgot that garter stitch in the round (the pattern isn't in the round, I am altering it a bit), you have to do one row knit, one row purl, one row knit. I did just knit for about a row and a half. So, now I have to tink half a row, then do two more rows, then bind off, then weave in ends. I am close to finishing the first sock for me to wear in the hospital. Hopefully, they will be done in time (no worries). Like I said before deadlines don't mean much to me at the present. If stuff is done, fine, if not, fine.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

6 days left

This time next Tuesday I will have a baby. I have my last appointment today. I am thinking about taking the boys with me. They are sooo worried that I will die when having the baby. Malik was tossing and turning all night the other night. DeAndre' and I were watching a program the other day and the lady had "false labor." Great! Another thing to worry about. I had to explain that all to him. They will be so glad when we are all home on December 16th or 17th. I would like to say that they will be better after I have the baby, but I think they want me home, not in the hospital. Poor babies. I wish I could do something for them, but unfortunately, nothing is working. I told them to look at all the poeple walking the earth - all of them were born. I had the two of them with no complications.

Meanwhile, I am feeling overall like this all needs to be over ASAP! I am having all kinds of unregular contractions. Different kinds of pain. I am sooooo done!

I got comments yesterday from people who noticed I was pregnant (I am TINY!). They were all "are you pregnant?" Yes. "When are you due?" I am delivering a week from today. "WHAT?!?!" It was Malik's end-of-season soccer party. These ladies have "known" me for a few years. I don't think I have heard anything from strangers, yet. Maybe one or two.

I haven't had a chance to finish off that baby sweater. I can't take it with me anywhere, so I can only work on it at home. We have nowhere to go tonight, and I might even get home early, so maybe I can finish it off today.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


And it isn't the baby sweater. I finished all seaming, though. I only have to pick up stitches along the neck and the hood and do three rows of garter stitch and bind off, then weave in ends. Maybe tonight.

My FO is my son's sock. I can't remember when I started this pair of socks, but I put them down for Father's Day knitting that I never was able to finish. They are on his feet right now!

I am now continuing on socks for me to wear in the hospital. They are worsted weight on size six needles, so maybe I can finish them in a week. If not, it is okay. I am not worrying about deadlines at this point in my life. A new baby means no deadlines for knitting. If I get it done, great, if not, okay. I don't even care if the baby sweater is done in time.

I did accomplish lots of cooking this weekend. I made 7 dinners for when I am not able to cook! I think my DH was a bit upset, because I kind of made it so he can't be "in charge" of that. I don't know why he is worried. He will get more than enough chances to cook. I only made 7 dinners. That won't get us too far. It only made a dent. He will be needed.

I feel like I need some closing here. So, I will post again for sure sometime before or on Monday.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

FO - sort of

I have been concentrating on my baby sweater, not the sock. I finished all knitting last night. I even seamed up one sleeve. The pattern is rather nice in that there is a front/back/hood piece that is all one piece. It needs to be seamed up on the side, but at least I don't have to seam all these pieces together. I have yet to seam up the other sleeve, or put either sleeve on the body, or seam up the body. I also have to add some detailing to the v-neck and maybe the hood. There is supposed to be embroidery on it, but I don't want to do that (I knew that as soon as I saw the pattern). I am about 5 rows from finishing the heel-gusset-instep (whichever this part is called) of the last sock, then I can start the straight knitting for the foot, then do the toe. I am still hoping to have two finished objects by Monday.

I already have knitting in my hospital bag. I will be there from Tuesday through either Friday or Saturday (depending on how I feel). I have Ann Budd's pattern book because I want to make my dad a hat. I want to use size 11 needles, and some of my left-over (Wow! a stashbuster!) Wool-Ease thick n quick. He really liked the feel of the sweater I made for my brother last February with this yarn, and he ALWAYS has a watch cap on his head when it is cold and or wet outside. Plus, it is easy knitting, which will be good if I have time in the hospital.