Tuesday, October 25, 2005

New Knitter!

I was on the bus this morning and there was a girl crocheting in the back, so I happily took my sock and was knitting away, when she excitedly asked me what I was making. I told her a sock and she said something to the effect of "Wow! That's cool, I've never seen that, before! I don't know how to knit." Keep in mind that I am guessing she is between 13 - 16. Her mom (or someone) was on the bus, too, but they weren't sitting together. She had a tote bag with maybe five different skeins of yarn - all cheap Michael's stuff, and a pair of needles. I told her to come sit with me so I could show her. We cast on between 5-10 stitches, then knit one row. She was quite excited! I don't know how that will help her, but...

DeAndre' got his soccer pictures back last night, so I brought them in to scan. Then, I spilled coffee on his picture. I was being cheap and only bought one picture of him and one of the team. They came in a cheap cardbord thing. It was a decent display. Then I was scanning the one of the team, and the coffee spilled on the pic of just him and the cheap cardboard thing!!! Now, I have to get another picture and see if I can get another cardboard thing :( !

Here are the pictures I have - the one with DeAndre' has tissue on it that stuck the the almost dried, sticky coffee!

The Rockets Posted by Picasa

DeAndre' Posted by Picasa

I purchased a stuffed animal for the baby the other day. What do you think?!? I think it is SOOOO cute! Plus it is soft, and not pink or blue and only $6! And no noise makers or anything inside.

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Elaine said...

Cute soccer player! Also cute stuffed bunny. My twins got stuffed bears when they were born - they are never allowed to play with them! ;-) Congrats too on the new knitter - she'll no doubt run with what you've taught her!