Thursday, January 12, 2006


I can't believe how much knitting I have gotten done in the past month! I am crazy knitter! I started and finished a hat for my dad (I think he actually liked it). I finished one sock for me to use in the hospital. I haven't even cast on for the second, but I'm not in the hosptial, so I don't feel any desire to finish it. I finished seaming up one side of the neverending Aran. I finished one whole repeat on my DH fair isle vest. I started a sweater for Ayanna. It is going to be fair isle, but I am still stuck in the one color ribbing on the bottom. I am knitting with size 0 needles. 204 stitches around! I am almost done with 2". I am making the 24 month size to make sure I don't give myself too much stress and she will get a lot of wear out of it. I am making her a baby blanket from Stitch n Bitch. That one is going rather slow as I don't like knitting with two strands at the same time too much - it is going rather slow! I am trying to figure out what colors I want to use for 5 stockings to be knit by next Christmas. I have them mostly charted out on graph paper, but now I need to decide on colors.

Also, the one year anniversary for my blog passed early in December. I knew the anniversary was December, but I was a bit busy and didn't check the date. I figured I would acknowledge it after I had a baby - so here goes:


Ayanna is doing very well. She doesn't cry too much, and she sleeps ok. Usually 3 hours at a time. Sometimes more. I am feeling at about 85%. I am too scared to use a vaccuum, or pick up anything too heavy, but I was able to shop at Winco for 2 hours yesterday with no pain or fatigue. C-section was so much the way to go for me.

That is all for now, I wanna go cram in some more knitting time!


Kimberly said...

Congratulations on the birth of lovely little Ayanna!

Happy First Anniversary on you blog!

Glad to know that everyone is doing well. Ayanna is beautiful.

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

JoanM said...

Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter. I am glad it went well. Do take care of yourself. There are so many beautiful girl baby outfits to knit