Wednesday, December 08, 2010

What did I do this for!!!

My son works at Goodwill. Therefore, I am often there to take him lunch when he forgets (which happens often), and pick him up.

Guess what I saw?

More importantly, guess what I bought!!!!?!!!

I couldn't resist it at only $40! Now I need to find it a home, and get some material, and some thread, and a book or two from the library, and some....



Melody said...

Nice machine. I saw your post on Knitter's Review. I just lurk over there but I think I wan to join.

Have you read the Sew Stylish Magazine that Threads Magazine puts out a few times a year? They have a Teach Yourself To Sew special issue magazine and dvd. They also have videos.

Jenni said...

You want to join KR, for sure!

I haven't heard of that magazine. I will keep an eye out, thanks.