Monday, October 30, 2006

How big is Ayanna???



I have made soooo much knitting progress.

I am finished with 3 of 5 stockings. I made LOTS of headway on the leg of #4. I have been pretty bold in knitting these in the living room in front of everyone, and no one has seemed to noticed. However, this weekend, while knitting on #4, DH says "what's that?" "Boy, are you observant - I get through 3 of these before it dawns on you to ask me about this!" I didn't say that, though, instead I said "I am not answering that question."

I am making good progress on Avast. This is the first sleeve. Of course, that isn't a great picture because the 12" ruler isn't really showing anything except that is longer than 12". It needs to be 19" before I start the decreases or whatever I need to do next.

I cast on for Minimalist from Mag Knits this weekend. It is a GREAT project in that I get to use stash yarn that I got in a Yarn Swap. I got stuck pretty quick, though, because I don't know the best way to stay in pattern (1x1 rib) after I do increases. I will find out, but I am stuck for the time being.

I also cast on for a hat for Ayanna yesterday. She has outgrown her other one.

I HAVE A KNIT GROUP!! Every Thursday from 6-9 at Knit Purl. I decided I HAVE to go to something, or I will go crazy!

This weekend we bought a pumpkin and I carved it yesterday night.

That is all, for now.

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Kimberly said...

Great carving job and nice pictures.

Ayanna really has grown.

Congrats on your knitting group. Mine meets on Wednesdays but I don't get to go as much as I'd like. Please make sure you go so you can have a good time for both of us!

Looking forward to seeing your Minimalist sweater. I like the looks of that sweater too.