Monday, February 26, 2007

Ayanna's ears

I have done LOTS of knitting, but the only thing I have pictures are of Ayanna's ears after she got them pierced (again) this weekend. I don't even get to get credit for getting the pictures, as my sister took them on her camera phone. Again means they closed up after the last time. She was okay with it. We set her up to have a french fry AS SOON AS SHE WAS DONE, so she wouldn't cry for too long. Also, there was a guy there who had a dog with him, so we set it up so she could see the dog as soon as she was done, too.

Knitting news would include: finishing the first front of Ribby Cardi and about half of the second front. Finishing about half of the front for Malik's sweater, and Finishing the wrist portion of Marcus' glove #2.

I have some good news. I knit some things for Knit Picks for them to put on the website and/or for publication in the catalog. They are now available on the website.

The first thing I knit for them, I didn't take a picture of, but I knit this hat.

The second thing I knit for them, I didn't actually knit, but I assembled it. Pig. Here is the picture of the pig on my desk waiting to be put in a box:


Second front of Ribby Cardi
Front of Malik's sweater
Hand of Marcus' glove
Get started on a new paid project


Kimberly said...

Beautiful pictures of Ayanna!

Congrats on your patterns!

Lexy Girl said...

I love that pig!

I was thinking of making one for my boss (she's due in June). What do you think of the pattern?