Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I have been waiting patiently for some money we were expecting about Christmas time - it hasn't come. I signed up for the classes, anyway! I am very excited about them all! Ready?

Drop Spindle Spinning; Hoop 'n' Loop with the Blazers; Knit Purl All-Nighter

I also want to sign up for this class, but we will see: Dye Your Own Sock Yarn

Sorry I have been gone. It got busy, again, at work (BIG SURPRISE). Plus, I got some news. Since the partnership is breaking up, they will no longer be needing my services. I might go with the partner who is leaving, or I might not. I will be here until March 31 unless I find something else first.

I signed up for Secret Pal 10.

We had snow a couple of weeks ago.

The kids all playing. Ayanna's first snow

The covered car

DH turned 40

It was a surprise party

DeAndre' turned 9

(Insert pics here after they are downloaded)

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