Saturday, March 31, 2007

Let's see..

what have I been up to?

I have been working on a deadline secret project, so no pictures there. I got assigned another secret project, so no pictures there - this one is from a new company, so I am now working for two knitting companies. I got an email offer (mass mailing list, thing, not to me, personally), and I had to MAKE myself press delete. Too many deadline work projects does not make a knitter-for-enjoyment girl happy.

Other projects are pretty much a pair of socks that I am making for a now-former co-worker. I wanted them to be done before I left, but I thought yesterday (Friday, the 30th) would be my last day, and I have two deadline projects to do. I gave her one sock on what ended up being my last day, and the promptly took it back, so I could compare it with the second sock.

We have a wedding reception to go to tonight, so I will bring these and hopefully make some progress.

I also have a scarf to make for ISE4. I bought the stuff, but haven't cast on.

The yarn is ShiBui Merino Alpaca in Mulberry. The pattern is a Basket Lattice Cap from O~wool.

A couple of weeks ago, I got my hair straightened.


After (I wish I had software to delete my face from this picture, so you could just see my hair.)

My friend did it. She is going to school, so as soon as she can, she is going to trim the ends, get some of that bulk out of there, and give me back my acrylic nails. I am SOOOO excited!! (contrary to what I look like in that picture).

This will be a crazy month, but lots of potential knitting time. First, Easter. Then the next weekend, my DH and I get to go out of town all by ourselves for free! I don't usually care for the idea of a B&B, but free is a very good price, and my DH and I REALLY need the time! So, we are driving two hours to go to this B&B. I just called them yesterday and got some good news/bad news. I think it is good news, my DH, when I tell him, will think it is bad news - no TV, which means more knitting time for me, but TV is a BIG DEAL for him, so we will probably bring a 13" and a DVD player. We have a few we haven't watched, yet.

The weekend after that, is a Shop Hop. So we will be driving around town. The thing takes place from 9-5, so although we will be getting on and off the bus, and going in and out of five stores, that is still lots of knitting time.

Then, at the end of the month, we have a(nother) wedding to go to in Waldport, Oregon - about a three hour drive. The boys are going to be the ring bearers. This means we have to be there by 1 on Friday. The wedding is around 2:30. They have to go to the rehearsal, and be early to the church and... Which means lots of down time for me - known to KNITTING TIME for us non-muggles.

The very next day (Sunday), Malik is going to Outdoor School for a week. He will be back on Friday. Saturday the 28th when we will be at the wedding, is Malik's 12th birthday, so we will do his party on May 5.

I believe that is enough for now!

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Nikki said...

You knit for knitting companies? That's so cool, you are totally the Shizknit. We can't see even the teeniest tiniest pic? A piclette? Oh well.

Your socks bring back memories. My first pair of socks was Lorna's Laces in Black Purl.