Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Oh Kandyce!

Little to no knitting content, today.

I had such a good morning today!

Backstory: when Kandyce was 18 months, she had no words. The pediatrician recommended we see a speech therapist. We have been seeing her for about six months. She is lovely. However, I don't think she is doing anything for her. Kandyce is fine. She has always been fine. She didn't choose to talk. She had every other milestone knocked out of the park. I wasn't worried. She talks now. It is mostly not english, but more and more everyday. She sepaks in sentences of mostly not english. I am okay with this. However, everytime Sara came to the house, Kandyce would keep her big mouth shut. She would talk in single words once in awhile.

TODAY HOWEVER! She spoke to her just like she speaks to us! I was so excited and proud. She finally got to see what I see everyday!

Such a good morning!!!

Can't you see how much she has to say:

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