Friday, November 04, 2005


This is the third time this pregnancy I have had a cold. And the last time was only a couple of weeks ago!

I am in a bit of a knitting slump, again. I plan on making 5 Christmas stockings for next year. I have the Knit Christmas Stockings! book from the library, and I am using graph paper to plot them out. I made some progress on seaming the Aran sweater that was supposed to go to my sister in September. (I was finished with the knitting in time, btw.) It isn't done, but I made progress. I finished one sock for my son, but can't get through the leg on the second one. I am stalled on my baby going home outfit, cause I hit a not-very-well-written part of the pattern (the ladies at the LYS said so, too). I have figured it out, but can't pick it up, again, yet. I love working on the pattern for the vest for my DH, but can't pick it up. Part of the reason for this, is I have been having back problems and my neighbor lent me her rocking chair, which works better for my back, but makes knitting with two balls of yarn at the same time kinda difficult. Actually, I think I will blame the rocking chair for all my knitting woes. Maybe I need a little foot rest thing. Maybe I will look into that this weekend.

I mentioned the other day (I hope) that I taught a random stranger on the bus to knit. I saw her again, and she was sooo excited to see me, because she has made SCARVES!!!

I just got some great news! Soccer practice is cancelled today, and the game is cancelled tomorrow! I think Malik has been playing for four years, now, and NEVER has the City of Portland (who is in charge of the fields, but not the league) pulled rank, and said it has rained too much, and we can't have the damage to the fields that those kids in cleats do to them, so no soccer. Now, I have to get my poker face together for when I tell Malik.

Well, I think that is it for now. I will hopefully post again early next week.


Elaine said...

I have one of those medela nursing stools that I keep with my rocker. They help just with sitting and preventing back strain in general, not just for nursing. You can get them at Babies R Us or search online - that's where I got mine. Hope you get your knitting mojo back online soon.

JoanM said...

Those last few weeks are always the hardest. You will soon be rewarded with your lovely new baby. Relax and take it easy