Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Where I have been

As of today, we have three weeks until we have another member of the family. I have been posting and reading babycenter.com, but have been MIA from knitting blogs altogether. I haven't been reading, or, obviously, posting.

I have been knitting, though. I don't really like the sock for Malik. I think I just don't like being stuck on the leg forever. I think I need to be at 8" and I am at 7. That last inch might just be the death of me. I finished 3 1/2 washcloths. I still need to finish the fourth, then the boys each have two washcloths. I keep trying to find a baby project I like with my Encore DK. I found one, I think. It is a hooded tunic from Debbie Bliss.

I have been washing baby clothes, and this weekend I went to a second hand store and bought a swing, a bouncer thing (not a johnny jump-up, but a thing they lie in and it bounces), and a high chair for a total of $30! Now, I need a baby tub and a stroller, and I'm done.

We went to a cesarean class last night. My DH wasn't scared before, but now he is. Tomorrow he will meet my doctor for the first time. He has never been to an appointment with me.

This morning was HELL!!! I hate mornings with the boys, anyway. I just don't have the patience for them getting ready and out of the house. I never have. I am much better after a couple of cups of coffee and when we don't have to do anything. Anyway, this morning it took them an hour to get dressed! They don't have to do anything but change their clothes! No ironing, no make-up, no shower - NOTHING!! Then Malik decided it was tank top weather, and decided it would be a good idea to wear that. Then when I got outside, there was frost on the car. I leave in the morning, take them to school, then get on the bus. When I get to work, I have a half hour to sit downstairs and knit. It is a good thing I do, because I didn't get to today. I was 20 minutes late today (not for work, but for my time). They will from now on get dressed BEFORE my dh leaves the house! Which means they will have to get up earlier - ask me if I care!!!

It has also been busy at work. My boss is driving me INSANE!! I can't finish ANYTHING without something else being more important. He was gone most of the day Friday, and I finally caught up on my filing. If you know me, you know that is HUGE!! Filing is my worst task. I procrastinate on that more than on anything else. But I couldn't stand it, anymore. It is a good thing I did, too, as I found stuff that had been missing. I really can't work like that. I need a vacation. Even though maternity leave isn't a true vacation, at least I can get away from him for awhile (6 weeks).

Christmas also is much drama. Before I met my DH, the boys and I lived with my mom. My two brothers and sister (none have SO, or kids) would come over on Christmas Eve and spend the night and we would do Christmas morning. I had the nerve to grow up and move to my own house and that meant that my kids would open presents in their own house on Christmas morning! Which of course meant that we would not spend the night at my mom's house. This was soooo awful of me. Now, since I am pregnant and due very close to Christmas, I have decided that my family would go to my mom's house on Christmas Eve, open presents and not stay or come back Christmas day. My plan is that we will do Christmas Eve at mom's, Christmas morning at our house, and Christmas dinner at my aunt's house. That way I have a lot of time on Christmas day to sleep, or whatever. Well, this of course, is an AWFUL thing to do, too. I can't wait until they all get married and have kids or whatever and have obligations to other people.

Sorry for the long post, maybe if I did this more often, I would have less to say each time. This will probably be it this week, since it is a short week. Hopefully, I will have FO for you next week.

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Kimberly said...

Glad to see that you are back.

Hoping the holiday season will look brighter for you!

Not long now before the baby comes. I'm so excited for you!