Friday, September 29, 2006

Sorry for the delay

School started, soccer started, football started, my DH started a new, slightly later schedule, etc, etc. Life has been hectic, hence no time to post.

Big non-knitting item of note: I wanted to get Ayanna something that would help her walk. Malik had one when he was little:

I couldn't really call around to see if anyone had one, because how do you ask for a "Walker" on the phone without someone thinking of the kind of thing a child sits in and walks? Monday when I dropped her off at daycare, they had one. I made sure she saw it so she could play with it. So, last week one day after work we went to Toys R Us and got her this. She loves it!!

Since I have been gone, I have been knitting.

For my birthday, I got a $50 gift certificate to a LYS. I got the gift cert on Saturday, September 9. The LYS is really close to my church, so I looked through all my patterns and most of my magazines on Saturday night and Sunday morning hoping to find a sweater for my dad. I found nothing. Looked at the LYS for a pattern for him - nothing. Then I got to work Monday morning, Knitty showed up in my in box with a perfect pattern - Avast! I was soo excited!! I went to the LYS at my lunch and spent the whole g.c. plus an additonal $6 to get the required amount of Bartlett Yarns. I really like working with this yarn. It smells like wool. It has some lanolin still in it. Anyway, I cast on for the cable the 12th. I finished the cable on the bottom and up a couple of inches. I had to stop there, because I hand made the ball of yarn out of a hank. I hate doing that, so Sunday I will take the remaining hanks to the LYS for winding. Then I will be on my way.

I am done with the body of Malik's top down sweater from the pound of yarn I got for $7.50. I started it on September 10! - However, it doesn't fit Malik very well (which I thought maybe), so it is now for DeAndre'. Now just the sleeves.

I have tried to post this a few times, and always get interrupted.

Here you go, finally!

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Kimberly said...

Cute pictures of Ayanna. Looks like she's having lots of fun!

Congrats on finding the perfect pattern. Nothing like shopping for the ones we love!