Friday, September 08, 2006

Harlot, et al.

Where to begin??? When you have this much to share, it becomes a bit overwhelming.

Yarn Harlot came to visit Portland Wednesday. My DH and children came. We were at Powell's on Hawthorne. Powells is a local bookstore chain. They have about 5-10 stores. When she was here last year, she was in the main store. MUCH MORE ROOM THERE!!! I went to see Debbie Stoller at the Hawthorne Powells a few months ago, and I guess since there was chairs to spare for her, the powers that be at Powells decided that Harlog would be an equivalent number of knitters. We filled the bigger room last year, so they put us in a smaller room this year. Good thinking people. Much more reviews on the following blogs:

I saw Deb, Pat, Chrissy Cheri and Kelley from Knit Picks although they didn’t see me. In my blog surfing (is that a word?) I also read of these other people who went. Msubulldog, Amanda, Katrina, Lori, bipurlerdisorder

When I read Harlot's Seattle review, I learned about "an old adage that claims that if an expert knitter places knitting needles in a babys hands, the child will be clever at knitting." So, of course, I made sure that my daughter got the same treatment. See?

Apparently, while my DH and children were wandering the store wishing I didn't have to go listen to some knitter talk, someone walked up to my husband and said "you are Jenni's husband" or something to that effect. Keep in mind that my blog is the furthest thing from DH's mind. So when he found out that people actually read it, he was a bit (hell, I don't even know what word to use here). Anyway, if that person could leave me a comment or something, I'd like to know who you are.

Now to the pictures (forgive me for the blurriness):

You can't really see her in this picture, but against the bookshelf, with the light green sweater on, is Kelley from Knit Picks.

Blogging the blogger blogging:

My soon-to-be expert knitter:

End of Harlot.

I finished this while waiting for her to start. It is the first card holder for the boys for Chirstmas. After I finished, I started on the second one. I will finish it today. I have maybe five more rows of 13 stitch garter stitch.

We got home from Harlot at 9:30. This also happened to be the first day of school, and I had a very hectic day of running around dropping off kids, going to work for a bit, and picking kids back up. Then run, run, some more.

I bought buttons yesterday for my sweater. It needs to be blocked. I wove in all ends. This is the second project I cast on for over 4 years ago. It will be done hopefully this weekend! This picture was taken before I was done with the weaving, and after we came back from Harlot. Pay no attention to the neck up. I told my DH to cut my face off, but...

Another reason I was so tired in that picture is because after we got home at 9:30, we did an impromptu birthday. Harlot came town on my birthday. When we got home, I got cake

the ding dong was all my DH could pull off with everything else that was going on. It was sweet.

These are my gifts. I collect these cows. The one on the left is Liberty Cow and the one on the right is Cowlumbus.

State Fair update. I can't possibly tell you how frustrating yesterday was. During my lunch hour I had to drive to the store where I could pick up my fair entries. I was under the impression that they were going to be there from 12:30 - 6 just like they were on drop off day. I drove to the store, and they weren't there. Then I find out that they were only there from 2-6. I had to go back out there after work. Hello, I have a husband and children to pick up! I leave work at 5 and spend over 15 MINUTES in the parking garage just trying to get out! I get to the store at 5:57! Then I have to pick up the kids and the husband. Much more frustrating in person.


Kimberly said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Great pictures!

knittinmom said...

Hey! I saw the picture of Ayanna on the Harlot's blog - awesome! Sorry I missed seeing you at the talk!

msubulldog said...

I saw your daughter's picture on Stephanie's blog--so sweet! Definitely a knitter to-be. :) And what a gift to see The Harlot on your birthday!

Life's a Stitch said...

We've called my daughter "Moo" since she was very little, for who knows what reason. I gave her one of those cows a few years back. I love them.

Late Happy BIrthday,