Tuesday, September 05, 2006

State Fair Knit Along

Well, we went to the fair yesterday. I just checked my camera. Yesterday morning I emptied all my pictures onto the computer so that I could have PLENTY of room for all the new pictures I was going to take. The pictures on there now are old pics! WTF!! How do you undelete only some of the pictures you previously deleted?? Where are the pictures I actually took???

It is okay, my sister came with her camera, and we are okay for this post.

It took quite a long time to find the building that housed the textile entries. Finally, "there it is!" We trekked over there after spending an hour driving down to Salem and another hour in an endless line to park! We walked into this HUGE building with quilts hanging all around the whole room! (Insert picture here that I took, but do not get to show you.) I found the cases where the knitted items were displayed. I had warning from another blogger in the knit a long (can't remember who - I think it was the middle of last week) who had to walk around the display cases three times before she found her items. However, knowing this, it still took me and the boys three go arounds before we found my two items. The first one we found was the best find. My pink and white heart baby blanket took BLUE RIBBON (first place).

Only a mere two cabinets over, was my purple and blue baby sweater - no prize attached.

Oh well, one is better than none. I did, however, expect it to be the other way around. The blanket had visible errors, and the sweater had none. I realize that it might be just the odds, maybe there weren't many entries in the baby blanket category, so I won by default - I don't care - I am soooo proud!!! Now we have to go get a case to display my ribbon in.

And just cause my sister was the one taking pictures, here is one of the girl:

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