Monday, July 17, 2006

Forgot a title

I almost finished sleeve number 1 of Kepler. I found some size 7 circulars, so I transferred the baby blanket to those so I could actually work on it. I am on the beginning of the heart chart for row 2 of 4.

Birthday party yesterday for DeAndre's friend from school. It was at the park so we packed up the family and went.

Ayanna had fun (not really) in the swing.

Maisy REALLY had fun!!

Tonight we have a get-together with a long-lost relative. (Not really, but most of us have never met him.)

This is my last week at this job. As I am typing this, a girl is being interviewed. I had nothing to do with this. I overheard something about it, then something "appeared" on the calendar, then she came. One reason why I don't want to work here, anymore. I am always competely left out.

My DH (not really) made an interesting comment this weekend. We were watching the Perfect Man with Chris Noth and Heather Locklear (I don't have any idea why he bought this movie for me, but it was cute, and we watched it on Saturday morning). The girl in the story is a blogger. So, often, you could see her blogging. He said "that is neat." I said, "what, blogging?" "yeah." "you mean, like me?" "yeah, but you don't do it very often." "I do it a couple of times a week." "Oh." (I know I fudged the amount a bit, but I was annoyed that he doesn't even know this about his wife!)

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