Thursday, July 13, 2006

Where to start

Well, I accepted a new job! I will get a little more $$ hourly, but will have Mondays off, so I get to stay home with the kids on Mondays! I start on July 25th.

I finished the front, back and one sleeve cable for Kepler. I cast on for the second sleeve today. I know this cable by heart, and only check the chart because I am paranoid. However, I am sooo anxious to knit on the body! I was going to start the sleeve this morning on the bus, but I didn't have a crochet hook on me to pick up stitches from. So, I cast on for sleeve #2.

This is sleeve cable #1 and what I have so far for sleeve #2.

I started the white stripe on the baby blanket, but don't work on that all that much mostly because I have the project on straight needles because I didn't have any handy #7 needles when I cast on.

The whole thing (sort of scrunched togehter)

A better shot of the detail.

The other day, while I was on the bus knitting on cable for sleeve #1, a lady sat down next to me, and we got to talking about knitting and such. She belongs to a group that I am going to check out. It is (sort of) close to home, and only meets one Sunday a month. Sunday afternoon happens to be the best time of the week for me. I have little or no activities with the kids. So - Sunday afternoon - perfect. Once per month - perfect. I will check it out the end of this month. Now, I just hope I like the people.

Here are some pre-op pics of Malik:

He had already had some "happy juice." It tasted like cough syrup, but after it started to kick in, he couldn't remember much.

He is about 98%. We went for a follow-up on Tuesday, and he got a release as of next Monday to be at full activity. His stitches or whatever fit very nicely under a standard size bandage.

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