Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Good news

Malik had his follow-up appointment Monday with his surgeon. While we were at the hospital on Thursday, they mentioned the surgeon's name. She is a neurosurgeon, and since Ayanna's injury was to her head, it was mentioned that they might have her consult. So, when we went to see her on Monday, I thought I'd ask her. My biggest question was, if she had a previous fracture, wouldn't there be some outward sign? It was a hypothetical question. However, when I asked, the dr. said let's go look at her scans. WOW! Ain't technology grand!?! So, we went into another room, and she typed in Ayanna's name and up popped her scans. She then looked them over and said what she saw was consistent with the fall I described. She said if I wanted, I could tell whoever that they could call her and she would tell them they were crazy (my words - not hers).

Then, yesterday, at Ayanna's follow-up with her Primary Care (whom I LOVE), she told me that the CSD specialist said there is no case!!!

Yeah - Crisis averted!!!

Thanks for the good wishes and thoughts!

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