Monday, August 28, 2006


I finished sleeve #1 of the blue sweater and started sleeve #2!!! I might actually be able to finish it in time!!! Especially on the drive down and back to Salem for the State Fair. However, (of course) I did something wrong on Kepler, so I will have to rip back a little bit to fix it before I can finish it. I seamed up both sides of the body and both sleeves. I have to make this one repair, then add the sleeves, and do the I-cord neck and then I AM DONE!!! Still might have two sweaters for my birthday. T-10 days and counting!!

I found a perfect Christmas present for the boys!! I found a pattern for a yugioh card holder. I do not own any size 5 dpn, but I cast on for the bottom and finished both bottoms. I will get a set of dpn this weekend, and will have a carry-around-with-me project. However, talk about quick, this project might take an hour each! I am even using stash yarn that I got at a swap.

Let's see... Projects OTN:

Fair Isle vest (worked on this some Saturday while DH was golfing)
Fair Isle sweater for Ayanna (stalled)
Christmas Stockings (stalled - intend to pick up after my bday)
Hedera socks - I am in the leg of sock #1

That might be all!

I will have to start one other Christmas present soon, but I don't know for who, so I don't know what.

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