Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Sorry it has been so long!

I have been busy at work (a very nice change) and haven't had time here. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my DH keeps moving things around so I am never able to access the computer.

So, here goes!

I have been knitting. I finished the baby blanket and sent my form off to the Fair people. They called me to ask if I was in the "Open" group, or the "master" group. I copped out and chose the Open group.

I finished sleeve #2 of the Kepler sweater on the bus today. Now just the back to go! (I don't have pics of that, yet.)

Ayanna stood up on her own today. Of course, she was at my dad's and I didn't see it!

She has a new favorite toy - stackers.

She also is teething, so she has been quite crabby at night lately.

My first day of work they asked me if I could work full-time instead as someone here gave thier two weeks notice. So, yesterday was my last Monday off. I was really looking forward to it, but more hours = more money, so I will make due.


For my last Monday off, we met Daddy for lunch at Keppler Fountain.

The boys and Ayanna having fun

I think her biggest problem was the rocks under her feet. However, the water was cold.

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JoanM said...

Hey Jen, the blanket looks lovely. Nice to see your family out enjoying the park. Good luck with your job