Monday, August 21, 2006


That is the first thing you need to know. Ayanna had a bit of a spill at my mom's house on Thursday. We took her to the Emergency Room. They thought she had a previous fracture (I think they still think that, but I am not sure). For this, instead of going home near noon (as would have probably happened), we got to stay ALL DAY!! We actually got lucky as they promised us that it would be overnight at a minimum. However, there has been a file opened with the Child Abuse Prevention agency (insert your acronym of choice here). She has a follow-up appointment with her primary care physician tomorrow.


Look what I want to show you!!!

I bought a POUND of wool from a local store (not a LYS, per se). It is 1100 yards!! Regular price is $10!!! I got it on sale for $7.50!!! Knit Picks price for the same yardage would be $17.50! Boy did I score!!! I started knitting on it right away, but ended up pulling it all out. I am trying to figure out if I can make two sweaters from this. The yardage is really close, and I am very hopeful!

My birthday is in two weeks and two days. For this event, I might be able to get TWO sweaters for my birthday. I have finished knitting Kepler and blocking and weaving in the ends AND seamed up both sleeves. This is most definately do-able by my b-day! However, my WIP from hell - guess what??? I finished the body!!! I still have both sleeves, and the button bands, but I started one sleeve, and I have hope that in 2 weeks I can have two new sweaters. The sweater is a top-down cardigan that I have had OTN for, like, 5 years! My second project! Wish me luck!


aimee noel said...

Where, oh where did you find that yarn?? I would love to get some.

I hope everything turns out okay with

JoanM said...

I am glad you little one is ok. I know that the hospitals here are really agressive to parents when children come in injured. I guess it is an overreaction to "child abuse" so that ordinary parents have a tough time