Tuesday, December 06, 2005


And it isn't the baby sweater. I finished all seaming, though. I only have to pick up stitches along the neck and the hood and do three rows of garter stitch and bind off, then weave in ends. Maybe tonight.

My FO is my son's sock. I can't remember when I started this pair of socks, but I put them down for Father's Day knitting that I never was able to finish. They are on his feet right now!

I am now continuing on socks for me to wear in the hospital. They are worsted weight on size six needles, so maybe I can finish them in a week. If not, it is okay. I am not worrying about deadlines at this point in my life. A new baby means no deadlines for knitting. If I get it done, great, if not, okay. I don't even care if the baby sweater is done in time.

I did accomplish lots of cooking this weekend. I made 7 dinners for when I am not able to cook! I think my DH was a bit upset, because I kind of made it so he can't be "in charge" of that. I don't know why he is worried. He will get more than enough chances to cook. I only made 7 dinners. That won't get us too far. It only made a dent. He will be needed.

I feel like I need some closing here. So, I will post again for sure sometime before or on Monday.

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Kim in Oregon said...

Hey Jenni! Good to hear from you again.

Best of luck with the C-section, and congrats in advance on the babe.