Thursday, December 01, 2005

FO - sort of

I have been concentrating on my baby sweater, not the sock. I finished all knitting last night. I even seamed up one sleeve. The pattern is rather nice in that there is a front/back/hood piece that is all one piece. It needs to be seamed up on the side, but at least I don't have to seam all these pieces together. I have yet to seam up the other sleeve, or put either sleeve on the body, or seam up the body. I also have to add some detailing to the v-neck and maybe the hood. There is supposed to be embroidery on it, but I don't want to do that (I knew that as soon as I saw the pattern). I am about 5 rows from finishing the heel-gusset-instep (whichever this part is called) of the last sock, then I can start the straight knitting for the foot, then do the toe. I am still hoping to have two finished objects by Monday.

I already have knitting in my hospital bag. I will be there from Tuesday through either Friday or Saturday (depending on how I feel). I have Ann Budd's pattern book because I want to make my dad a hat. I want to use size 11 needles, and some of my left-over (Wow! a stashbuster!) Wool-Ease thick n quick. He really liked the feel of the sweater I made for my brother last February with this yarn, and he ALWAYS has a watch cap on his head when it is cold and or wet outside. Plus, it is easy knitting, which will be good if I have time in the hospital.


shetha said...

YAY For a baby sweater! ANd the sock will be done before you know it. So excited about the new arrival!! Happy December :)

Kimberly said...

It sounds like the sweater is progressing nicely. I don't blame you for skipping the embroidery. I've seen several sweaters with a nice design but less than desirable embroidery added. Nothing wrong with leaving it off of the garment or altering a pattern to suit yourself or the recipient.

Elaine said...

Good luck with everything. I didn't have time to knit in the hospital - but then again, I had twins!