Monday, December 12, 2005

Only hours left, now

I will go in tomorrow at 5:30 am. The surgery will start at 7:30. I should be out of surgery by 8:30. I can start having visitors around 10:30 (I think). I will be there until Saturday, unless I feel up to leaving on Friday.

I got NO SLEEP last night. Just trying to remember everything I need to make sure is in order before I am out of the house for a week, and then not 100% for however long that takes me.

I finished all but the blocking on the baby sweater. It is in my diaper bag right now. I am still working on the socks for me, but I am not done with the first one, so I don't anticipate being done by tomorrow morning (oh, well). I will bring them with me. I am almost done with the foot, then I just have the toe and the second sock.

I realize I might get NO knitting done while I am there, but I do believe in Murphy's Law, and if I DON'T bring any knitting, I will be kicking myself. So, I have knitting. I have a hat to start and finish for my dad, a washcloth to finish (it is about 1/4 of the way done), and the sock. I also have two partially completed books to bring with me and a couple of Sudoku puzzles.

I had a very productive weekend. I got the boys' haircut, we got the tree put up and decorated. We got grocery shopping done (I forgot how much I like Winco Foods). Almost all Christmas presents are bought (I have two more to buy today, and one other one I can't decide on) and wrapped (I have some for my DH hiding at my neighbor's house that are not wrapped).

I can't eat or drink after midnight, which isn't bad, except I don't know when I will be allowed food, again. We are going to dinner tonight at Denny's (I love the Grand Slam) so I should be as full as I can be when we leave there. All the bags are packed (one each for the boys, one for the baby and one for me).

I will post, again, when I can. I hope to have lots of pics to show you all.


Kimberly said...

Congratulations to you and Happy Birthday to the new baby!

I'll be checking back to see how you and the family are doing.

Looks like you got a lot done these last few days.

Wishing you all well!

Jaime said...

Yay! Can't wait to see you back with some pictures.

Happy thoughts!