Thursday, December 08, 2005

1 cm

I had my last doctor's appointment yesterday. The doctor said to Malik "Do you think I'm gonna let your momma die?" Then after he left the room, so I could have the real check, she said, we really have to watch you, or he will come after me. I think he slept yesterday. I am 1 cm dialated. That could mean something or nothing. I am hoping for nothing. I am counting on Tuesday. Payday is Monday, and I have to go grocery shopping on Monday. Plus, we have plans this weekend. I know you can't plan too much when a baby is coming, but I hope I can plan on Tuesday. I hope this baby doesn't have too many other plans.

I worked on the sweater a bit yesterday. I have to do three rows garter stitch. However, I forgot that garter stitch in the round (the pattern isn't in the round, I am altering it a bit), you have to do one row knit, one row purl, one row knit. I did just knit for about a row and a half. So, now I have to tink half a row, then do two more rows, then bind off, then weave in ends. I am close to finishing the first sock for me to wear in the hospital. Hopefully, they will be done in time (no worries). Like I said before deadlines don't mean much to me at the present. If stuff is done, fine, if not, fine.

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