Friday, April 14, 2006

Homework SUCKS!

I thought I felt that way when I was in school, especially since I NEVER did my homework and almost didn't graduate from high school myself.

Now, however, homework REALLY sucks! Especially when I am up until 10:00 on a Thursday night teaching my son his homework. Those of you who don't much care for math, please skip the next paragraph.

Please note that I said teaching, not helping. My son's teacher (from her words, not his) has not, yet discussed adding fractions with different denominators. This is fine because based on my small amount of research, I think that this is sixth grade work, and my son is in fifth grade. However, she sends home work where they have to add and subtract mixed numbers with different denominators. For those of you who forget, mixed numbers are like 1 1/2 (One and one-half) and when the denominators (the bottom number of a fraction) are different, you have to do a lot of conversion to get them to match, so you can add or subtract. So, I had to teach him to do this last night, since my son's teacher decided to give out homework she hadn't yet covered in class.

Come back, now.

I need any and all FREE Homeschooling resources any of you know of. Any lead will help! I will follow-up on all of it! We cannot afford for me to stay home and actually homeschool our children, but I will be practically homeschooling my children from now on! My son's teacher just isn't cutting it! Any advise, please contact me at jenknitter AT gmail DOT com. Thank you in advance.

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