Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Knitting updates

I have progress on a sock. I may even be finished with the leg by tonight. Mind you, this is a man's size 13 sock. Therefore, cut me some slack when it takes me forever to finish it! I'd show you, but it is 8 inches of 80 stitches around dark grey 2x2 ribbing - not very exciting!I like Knitty this time. I have four balls of LionBrand Wool-Ease in Dark Rose Heather that will go very well into the t-twist. I have practically already cast on for it!

I finished another pattern repeat for Voss!

I have made only a little progress on Malik's vest. He probably wishes it was done already, but I have some Knitter's ADD (and, maybe, even regular ADD), so he will have to wait.

We have a new schedule. The family is now carpooling to work. This is good news and bad news. 1. I have to get up earlier - WAY BAD NEWS!!!! 2. I get to knit on the way to DH work - good news. 3. I get done dropping others off a little bit earlier. 4. Save gas and wear and tear on the van - GREAT NEWS!!!

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