Tuesday, April 04, 2006


So, my DH is not the boys father. I refer to thier fathers (each has thier own) as "sperm donors" because that is all they have done.

Anyway, my DH is going to adopt them. I found out that my DH's job has an Adoption Reimbursement program. YEAH! Now we can do it and not have to find the money for it!

HOWEVER, I just found out, this is not reimbursable if the children are in the parent's care before the date of employment - hello, even in the case of a step-parent adoption (which they specifically have included in the program) "No, ma'am, it is not reimbursable." WTF!!! What is the point of allowing step-parent adoptions if the children can't live in the home before the adoption is finalized!!!

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