Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Pictures and tagged

First picture is my "fat" baby a couple of weeks ago.

Me at 18-ish weeks Posted by Picasa

Here is a good shot of my camera. Please excuse my DH's pictures.

My camera Posted by Picasa

These are the gifts I received from my Secret Pal a couple of weeks ago.

SP 5 gifts Posted by Picasa

Yarn Harlot pics:

I got Yarn Harlot getting pics:

Blogging the blogger Posted by Picasa

I think the podium that Powell's had for Stephanie to stand on was GREAT!!! Look at all the books, and even a place to put the bookbookbook.

Podium Posted by Picasa

Sorry if this is a bit blurry:

Blurry Harlot Posted by Picasa

I knew there was more I was supposed to post yesterday! I was tagged by LisaB.

5 things I miss from childhood:

1. My grandmother's house.

2. The house I grew up in.

3. Going to the beach.

4. My dad being off so much cause he was a teacher.

5. ???

I don’t much feel up to tagging today, so if you want it, take it!

Check out this review in a local paper about a LYS.


JoanM said...

Wow you have been busy, and what a thrill to meet those knitting people. I hope you are keeping well with your new bubs on the way

Anonymous said...

Hey pal! I officially got notice that your next present is on the way!