Monday, August 08, 2005

All kinds of stuff

So this one might be a really long post. I have been really busy at work, and have had NO time to post!!! I have been jumping in to put a link or something, but no time to actually make a post. Here are some updates (hopefully, I will have time to push "Publish" before the boss has work for me to do).

I had already heard about this, but now I have a link. Check out this article from Seattle.

Yarn Harlot came to town. I am in two pictures. I have a red shirt on. If you scroll down to the group shots, I am in the second one and the third one. In the second one, I am all the way on the right, in the third one, I am there, but kinda covered by the microphone. My DH used to work (for a long time) at the hotel that Stephanie must have stayed at, because the pic of the Beefeater is taken at that hotel. My husband doesn't really have internet access at work, so he can't look at his pic. I am going to now give him my blog address (even though he had it before) so he can see if he knows him.

I met this blogger, however, we didn't exchange information until I saw her blog about the harlot-y visit!

I also met Kelley from KnitPicks! It was wierd, because I recognized her but couldn't figure it out for a long time. Then she said something (I don't remember what now) and I felt like I was in the presence of royalty. She brought her dog in the dog's bag. You know those dog carriers that can only hold those dogs around the size of cats?

Stephanie even recognized the name of my blog. She has actually been here!!! I felt soo honored!
I finished sock number 1. However, now it is my Step-Father's birthday present (his bday is Christmas Day), because I have two presents due in less than a month, so I must finish those first! The two presents are the Aran - due on September 7, and the afghan - due on September 3! The afghan is probably 1/2 done, and the Aran is more than 1/2 done with the front, then the sleeves left. I don't know if I can pull these dates off - pray for me.

I have pictures, but they are at Walgreen's. I will (try to) pick them up tonight and post them tomorrow or at least this week.

We have insurance, now, so I made an appointment with my Ob/Gyn. I get to have a real appointment with a real doctor in a week and a half. I even get to have an ultrasound. (We don't wanna know the sex of the baby.) The boys are going to come with me to see the baby. I think they are getting excited since they can see my tummy pooching out.

Well, it seems like there was more that I wanted to say, but if there is, I can't think of it now. I wanna hurry up and post this before it gets crazy here, again, so I can have a post, so here goes...

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