Monday, January 08, 2007

Goal update

Well, I have until tomorrow ('cause that is when I first posted my goals), but here is an update, anyway:

FINISH AVAST (I only have to install the zipper). This could very well be done if I hadn’t lost my thread.
Finish one glove. Finished little finger and started ring finger
Wind a new ball for minimalist - done
Do pattern start row for Voss - done

I have been working on Ribby Cardi, too. That is my only project that I can travel with, so I have been only working on it when I am not at home. I have done a little more than 6" on the back.

I guess that's it for now.

For Christmas, I bought DH tickets to a Barry Manilow concert. For the record, I don't like Barry Manilow. I bought the tix, cause he likes him, and he has gone to two concerts of people he didn't like, so I owed him. Anyway, the concert is tonight, so I don't expect to get much knitting done tonight, except whatever I can accomplish on Ribby tonight. I have three hours off between work and the concert, and I am capable of knitting on Ribby at the concert - I don't know if I will, but I will try.

DH is off work on Tuesdays, so I may be able to get some knitting time on the couch tomorrow, and maybe I can finish glove #1.

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