Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy belated new year


Happy 2007.

I have news, sort of. To end 2006, I frogged both Fair Isle projects I had on the needles, to start off fresh. I ripped the whole Fair Isle part of Marcus' vest on Monday while he was at work. On New Year's Eve, I ripped Ayanna's Voss sweater. Apparently, I knit Fair Isle tightly, so I am starting over. I did not rip out the ribbing on the bottom which was not in Fair Isle, but of course, I had to get whatever TINY needles are used for Voss in the live stitches - over 200 of them, very intense! I have a Fair Isle project OTN right now, so we will see if I can do better. I am using Ann Budd's glove pattern. I have made 3 pairs with this pattern in about the last month (one for each of the boys, and a quasi-fingerless pair for me), so this time I am changing it up. I am using a stitch pattern from "Knitting in the Old Way" in red and black for my DH.

Current OTN:

All of these are rather complicated, and therefore, I have no mindless knitting. So, I bought Ribby Cardi for this project.

Goals for this week:

FINISH AVAST (I only have to install the zipper)
Finish one glove
Wind a new ball for minimalist
Do pattern start row for Voss

I want to add more, but that is good for one week, I think.
Now for some Ayanna shots (neither of them are very good, but...):

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