Thursday, July 07, 2005

Weekend Update

I forgot to push Publish Post yesterday...

My cousin's birthday is July 3rd. To celebrate, we always go over and eat dinner, have presents, and shoot off fireworks. While we were there, my dad looked down at my 10 YEAR OLD SONS head, and noticed a GREY HAIR!!!!!!! OMG!!! My dad said that his mom (my grandmother) started getting grey hair at 10. 10?!?!?!

Grey hair Posted by Picasa

I finished the fifth repeat on the front of the Aran. I have to finish one more repeat. I don't quite understand the bind off instructions, so I emailed the designer, and she gave me some feedback, but I don't quite "get it." I gotta see it. So, I will take it to a LYS somewhere and see if they can help me.

Speaking of LYS, KR had a post for a new one opening yesterday. Danger - it is the closest one, so far, to my house! I went by. It was pretty small, but they have a table in the back, probably for classes, and some seating in the front. It was nice. When I went in, they requested I take some flyers to share with my friends. I don't really have any real life knitting friends, but if I remember to bring it with me tomorrow, I will scan it. The name of the store is The Naked Sheep Knit Shop.

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