Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Weekend plans

My kids will be gone from Wednesday night until sometime Monday. I told my boss this, and he got me a $200 Visa Gift Card so me and my honey can live it up with no children. We are gonna go to the beach - but only to spend the day, because it is too late to get a reasonable priced room. We will maybe go see a movie, but I don't think there is anything out I wanna see.

I will knit! I have three projects that need to be finished. One needs a lifeline added so I can rip out for a bit. I hope to have one of two shops do it for me. Then I can rip and work on the rest of the front of the Aran sweater. I am done turning the heel on sock #1 of my Step-dad's sock for Father's Day. Plus, my cousin's wedding in September needs the afghan done. I am about 1/3 of the way done. It is an hour and a half drive each way to the coast. KNITTING TIME!!

This weekend was work. We got the crib set up in my fiber room. My yarn storage is currently in our bedroom. I need to get at least one more bookshelf out of the baby's room to make room for the changing table that is at mom's house. We will maybe pick up all that stuff this weekend.

Malik (10 yo) told me Sunday night that he is scared that when I go into the hospital to have the baby, I won't come back out. Poor, worrying baby.

I guess that is it, for now.


LisaB said...

Ooh thanks for letting me know about Cannon Beach. We will be in Gearhart (north of Seaside), which isn't too far away from there....

Catherine Kerth said...

i discovered your blog looking for blue moon fiber arts! i got to read that post you wrote thanks! i enjoyed reading the rest of your blog too... wow half way there until birthday!!!!! yeah.. your son is so cute to be worried about the hospital.