Friday, July 29, 2005


The boys landed last night about 11:30 Denver time. They had a blast on the plane. They will be back sometime Monday.

I got to go to a LYS' Knit-Nite last night, and the great Cheri fixed my screwed up Aran for me. I was 1/2 way done with the third repeat. I need to work a total of 5. I am now just starting repeat #3.

I am about half way done with the foot on sock #1. I sure am glad I bought 3 balls of yarn for this baby. I am almost done with the first one. I don't think I will use a lot of the third ball, but 2 WOULD NOT have been enough!!

Going to the beach tomorrow just for the day. Sale at a LYS there. My DH wants to golf on Sunday. This would be fine with me, because there is a group meeting that day. August has a whole bunch of knitting related stuff I can do. I might not be home much.

My boss is going to play golf SOMETIME today! I wish I knew when, because the sooner he leaves, the sooner I can knit!!!

We do have to go to my mom's house this weekend and get some baby stuff - high chair, swing, ??? We will have to fit that in on Sunday between golf and knitting.

I was supposed to have a doctor's appointment today. I got there and they said it was not today, it was Monday. I know I heard her right when I made the appointment and put it on my calendar (at the same time)! I am not sure what she did to change my appointment!

I think that is all, have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

Expect a surprise secret pal . . .

LeAnne said...

Wow, your boss is so nice! Let me know how your dr. appt. went.

bill naka said...

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