Friday, July 15, 2005

Slow Week

at work, anyway. The boys spent the night at grandma's house last night, and my DH decided he wanted to play golf, so I decided since Thursday is Knit-Knite at a local shop, I'd knit! Yeah! Plus, I get to go to a SnB tomorrow and maybe even on Sunday! How exciting!! I'm almost done with the second repeat out of four I wanted finished by Monday - I have faith. Two repeats over a weekend is do-able, maybe. It is certainly not impossible, anyway.

Check out this link from

This was in our local paper the other day - funny.

So, I mentioned by brother's birthday party last weekend - here are pics:

Not a very good one of me, but I really do knit, see:

Jen Knitting Posted by Picasa

There was coloring with sidewalk chalk on the driveway - have I ever told you that I have three boys, one just happens to be 38 years old:

Marcus coloring Posted by Picasa

DeAndre' has his back to you with a grey shirt on

And with children Posted by Picasa

It was my brother's 30th birthday:

Birthday Boy Posted by Picasa

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