Friday, July 01, 2005

Checking in

Yesterday I received a comment to join the Jennifer Knitters Knit Ring. How fun!!! Of course, I did right away!!

I also joined the Knitters UFO Anonomous (sp?) knit along! Boy do I need it! The only thing I am interested in working on is this Aran. It does have a deadline, and it is in September, so only two months left. My boss is out, which means work will be boring. I have half of today and Tuesday and Wednesday here all by myself, so between that and the long weekend, I want to get the front done by Thursday morning. I might not make it, but that is my goal. I have two socks cast on that are using the same needles - one is hanging out on some scrap yarn. The one for Malik won't take long because it is for a kid. The one for my step-dad will take awhile since he is a size 13. Those are priority.

I never have finished Mariah. I am in the yoke and it doesn't feel right, so it is just sitting there. I really would like to wear it someday. I also never finished my fair isle hat. I should work on that. I only have the top left to finish, then at least something would be done. Anyway, hopefully, the front of the aran by this time next week. That will certainly be progress.

Have a good fourth.

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JoanM said...

Great news about the camera. I'd love to see piccys of your Aran