Tuesday, February 07, 2006


When I am home, I have to go in the semi-secluded computer room in the back of the house to go online. I don't get to be in the living room with the tv and the action. Therefore, I don't spend much time online while I am home (it's okay, I usually have too much stuff to do to "play" anyway - it is okay to play at work!!!). Therefore, while I was at home for 7 weeks, I didn't make the blog rounds much. So, late last week was the first time I had seen about the knitting olympics. I read about it on someone's blog, and clicked over to Stephanie's blog to read more about it! Wow - really good idea, I thought! However, I have WAY too many things OTN to justify starting a new project "Stay strong, Jenni, don't be a joiner!!" Then I read this blog and I said "WOW! Are you actually in my head???" So, I am joining this one. I plan to have two projects finished by the 26th! One actually needs to be finished by then, because it is Ayanna's baptism dress and her baptism (let me know if this link doesn't work, so I can delete it) is on the 26th. The other is my sister's September birthday present that only needs the seams sewn up and has needed the seams sewed up since September. Oh, and the neck knitted. I have worked on it some since then, and only need one sleeve seamed up - it is attached to the sweater, just needs to be seamed. That is a very low goal. For the baptism dress, the back is complete and the front is maybe half way done. Just the rest of the front, the sleeves and put it together. I haven't had much knitting time since I started working, again, so these two projects might be too much, but I also have two sock projects that only have one of the pair done. The other sock isn't even started. I will "pencil those in" and if I get the other two done - then I can at least start on one of those.

Now, to go sign up - wish me luck!

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