Monday, February 27, 2006

Various news...

Let's see. I guess since this is a knitting blog, I should start with knitting content. I did not finish the baptism dress. Well, I finished knitting it, but not the finishing aspect of it. My mom sort of insisted on Ayanna wearing the gown that my mom and her sister wore along with me and my three siblings wore. I mean, that is a cool concept, but it took the wind out of my sails. I put the needles down and haven't picked it back up. I am a bit bummed out that she didn't get to wear it. I know!! Maybe she can wear it for family photos we might get around to this weekend.

I finished my sister's sweater, but forgot to bring it with me to the baptism, so she doesn't have it, yet.

I started a vest for Malik. He picked it out and I am using stash yarn. I am already a couple of inches into the back.

I am also working on Voss for Ayanna.

Goals for this week are as follows:
Finish the baptism dress, anyway. I think i will make an appointment for pics right now.
Get 1/4 of the way in on Malik's vest
Finish the repeat I have already started on Voss.

Other news:
The baptism was good, except Ayanna wasn't interested. We were interrupting her nap, and she had a stuffy nose. She was not happy. Pictures, maybe tomorrow. The boys were both alter boys during the service. This was not planned this way, but just worked out like that. The girl who was supposed to serve did not show up. Oh well! The boys were too happy to oblige!

DeAndre' had his first reconcilliation this weekend. That was on Saturday, then all three of my boys were in a play at the church during a Mardi Gras celebration potluck.

All in all, it was a busy weekend. I'm pooped!

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