Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Poor neglected baby....

(Yeah, right!) Anyway, I forgot to post my darling daughter's results from her two-month check-up. She is now 8 lbs. 11 ozs. She got her shots. They hurt her, obviousely, but you should have seen her daddy! OMG!! You would have thought someone tried to kidnap her, or something. Quite a site!

I also have a baptism dress update. I got the first sleeve done, and am a couple inches (need a total of about 6 1/2 inches) into the second. I want to update my goals, but don't want to jinx my progress, so I will wait until either later today or tomorrow.

Could all my TONS of faithful readers (yeah, right - tons!:) who don't particularly care for everything cow please do me a favor and go to this website and send me guesses of how many taffies are in the basket. I wanna win the $50 gift certificate! If you like cows, then keep the guesses for yourself. I can enter once per day up to (and including?) the 28th.

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