Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A FO!!

So, this weekend I finished the sweater for my sister's September 2005 birthday. YEAH!! I will give it to her on Sunday at the baptism.

I got an unexpected 3 day weekend! My boss told me at 4:45 on Friday to go ahead and take Monday off. However, I couldn't get off my butt to go to the LYS's on Saturday or Sunday. The ones closest to me are closed on Monday, and I had other errands to do on Monday, so I didn't go out of my way to get there. THEREFORE, I didn't finish the baptism dress. I am stuck on a part. I might be able to go after work tonight - depending on if I am left to my own devices to get home.

Anyway. I met some of my goals from last week. I didn't have the birthday sweater as one of them, so I sort of did better, and sort of did worse.

New goals for this week are:
Finish baptism dress
Finish DH hat that I started
Work on DH's vest
and voss (a pullover, not a cardigan) for DD
cast on for the second sock for my Step-dad

I got a new bag this weekend. It is my Valentine's Day present from my DH. I saw it and told him to get it for me.

It is nice! There is a water bottle holder, cell phone holder, and walkman holder all on the outsides of the bag. You can carry it like a backpack, or over your shoulder, or in your hand with a carry handle. There is a place for all your straight needles. Not really any other tool areas, and the inside is black, so stuff can easily get lost in there.

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Kimberly said...

Looks like a great bag. I might have to get this one too.

Congrats on finishing the sweater!