Monday, March 13, 2006

Crappy Monday

So, I figure if I vent about this now, I can get on with my life.

I am writing this at 10:05 am, and I can't believe how AWFUL this Monday is already.

I started out fine! Not only was I on time (for once) I was actually slightly ahead of schedule. I dropped off Ayanna, no worries. Then I take the boys to school for a before school activity (Chess Club) that they go to on Monday and Wednesday mornings. The mom who volunteers to run this is supposed to be there by 7:40 when it starts. Usually it is more like 7:45. Okay, no problem. Once she showed up at 8:00! Now, bear in mind that I take transit to work after this drop-off, so I like her to be there at 7:40. I have to be at work at 8:30. One time she called and said she was going to be late, so one of the staff of the school said he would monitor the children until she got there. Another time she called because her car wouldn't start, so the same staff member said he would fill-in, again. Today, she didn't even bother to call. At about 8:05 I finally told this same staff member that I couldn't stay because I had to leave to go to work. He had to find someone to supervise. He had stuff to do and would rather not fill-in. Well, he ended up doing it. By the time I got to leave, I was LATE!!! So much for taking transit, I guess I am parking downtown.

I get to the parking garage, drive up to get the ticket out of the machine. The machine decides it doesn't want to work for me. I don't get a ticket. I try to get out of the car, but I can't because I pulled up close to the machine so I could reach the ticket. FINALLY the man notices that something is going on, and comes over to help me. He makes the bar go up and tells me to just park and walk to the booth and he will give me a ticket.

Then I get to work. Last week I noticed my filing was getting out of hand. I decide I can't put it off anymore. Then my boss says "What are you working on?" "Trying to catch up on my filing." "No, do this." TODAY: "You're filing is a mess." "Ok, I will work on it now." I open the file drawers and start putting stuff in. "You need to keep those drawers closed when we have people coming in." HELLO!!! CAN I WIN AT ALL?!?!?!? First of all, how in heck am I supposed to file with the drawers closed, second of all, the client isn't coming in for an hour! Third of all, (the client is here, now) THE CLIENT DIDN'T EVEN COME BACK HERE!!!!!

There, now maybe I can get on with my life and this bad Monday vibe will leave me alone!

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Zippianna said...

Mondays like that should be banned from the Earth. No wonder so many people fear Mondays and love Fridays.