Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Temps can be the pits

Notice, first of all, that I said "CAN BE." I have been a temp, and always gotten rave reviews from the people I worked with/for. However, the temp that worked here while I was gone is a professional temp - meaning that she hires herself out, not works through an agency. You would think that that would mean she would be a good choice, right? NOT!!! I got back and I had no paper clips, no staples, no labels. My scissors were replaced with some AWFUL ones that looked like the kind the teacher had in grade school.


Now, today I place an order at Staples (the place I do all of our office supply shopping). Since I do all of our shopping there, we get rewards checks quarterly. Apparently, while I was gone, we got a $47 reward check. That is about half off our order! How come while I happen to be looking for something else in my drawer, I happen upon this check????? Of course, it expires in 9 days. So, since I just got a call from a lady last week announcing that she was our rep and should we ever have any questions that I could call her directly to get personal service. I emailed and called her at 3:00 our time (Pacific Time). She, however, leaves the office at 5:00 her time (Eastern Time). Which means I missed her by an hour.


Just to let you know, this might not be much of a knitting blog in the coming months. I seem to have no knitting time anymore! I have projects on the needles that I do a row or two of here and there, but that isn't really worth posting about. I can no longer knit during my breaks or lunch because I have been (Warning: TMI on its way) pumping breast milk for Ayanna during my breaks and lunches. I used to have time on the bus, but lately I haven't found a seat on the bus, and my trips have been dramatically shorter due to picking up/dropping off Ayanna and then getting in the car.

Like I said, I have projects on the needles, but...

Vest for Malik
Sock for step-dad
sock for me
(notice in both of those cases, I said sock, and not socks)
dress for Ayanna
Dale sweater for Ayanna
vest for Marcus
sweater-from-hell that still doesn't want to be ripped
blanket for Ayanna
I won't mention Mariah since I haven't touched it in MONTHS

Wish me luck!

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JoanM said...

I have owned a child care centre for 8 years, so I understand how busy mums of young babies are. Good for you that you are keeping up the breast feeding. Hope you can sort out your work woes