Monday, March 20, 2006

Titles are not my forte'

There has got to be a good title for this post, but I ain't coming up with it!

Any ideas? Put them in the comments.

Anyway, I was soooo excited that I was able to rip all that sweater out. I got maybe over two skeins. However!!! I still have two more pieces of sweater that need to be ripped. I can't get them to go anywhere!!! Mind you, this sweater is an EASY(!) top down cardigan. It was suggested that I knit this as my second project. I didn't want to, because I like baby steps, and I didn't feel I was ready - I didn't even know how to purl. This poor yarn has been ripped and reknit so many times! It is an easy pattern to me now - YEARS LATER! I know it was easy to the lady who suggested it to me, because she has been knitting maybe in excess of 50 years, but she no longer has any concept of easy knitting. Easy is a relative term, people, please remember that!

Anyway, it is a good thing I am stubborn, becuase otherwise this sweater would never be done. I put one piece in a bigger bag and back in the freezer so I may be able to rip tonight! I could be working on unkniking the two skeins I have sitting on the ironing board, but I need the right bin to do that in - the one I bought for that purpose is filled with magazines and patterns!


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