Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I got a link to this map from this blog. As far as I can tell, it needs some work. Please check your area, and update as needed.

Yarn Harlot is making the same thing as me in what looks like the same colors. Read this post for more information. I am making the 24 month size. My version, as of today, looks like this:

I think she is making the sleeve. I am currently working on the body. I am in the second row.

I made a lot of progress on this project last night while watching Rent - one of the best movies EVER!!! If you have not, yet - run - do not walk - to see this!

Goal update:
I didn't work on the baptism dress, at all. I didn't even make an appointment for pics.
I didn't work at all on Malik's vest
Finish the repeat I have already started on Voss. - I got this one done!
I cast on for the second of my step-dad's socks. This was originally going to be a father's day present last June. I finished the first sock, but never even cast on for the second. I am maybe an inch in right now.

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