Monday, May 22, 2006

The Amazing Lace

Dear Rachel and Theresa, I am going to sort of follow your rules. I understand the rule where you don't want to scroll forever on 300+ blogs to find knitalong content. So, this is your update section. I will let you know when you can stop reading so that you can move on to other topics and I can have the rest of my post.

I have joined The Amazing Lace. Lace has been in the back of my mind for maybe a month or so as something I maybe wanted to try. This knitalong is kismet. Plus, if I get finished with something in time, I can even wear it for my birthday. Labor day this year is Sept. 4 and my b-day is September 6.

I can't settle on a project, yet. I have the yarn, but it is at home, so I will add that later. I will either do a feather-and-fan or a yo, k2tog across every row. I think I will swatch both and see which I like better. WHAT?!?! ME SWATCH?!?!? Well, first time for everything!

I even successfully put a button on my sidebar! (Scroll down) This is huge for me!! There is an actual picture that actually takes you to the actual Amazing Lace site. ALL BY MYSELF!!

Rachel and Theresa - move ahead to other blogs, now.

Everyone else:

I got my new book in the mail this morning. I can't wait to dig in!

I finished the fair isle heart sock this weekend. It is WAAAAYYYY too tight for Ayanna's feet. There is no stretch to it AT ALL!!! There was almost not enough stretch to turn it inside out so I could get the sock to turn wrong side out so I could weave in ends. Of course, I didn't bother weaving in ends. I will most likely just throw it out. I might get a pic first, though. I don't know if I knit too tight or if it is the crappy (nearly free) acrylic yarn, or if it is a combination of both. Either way, I am not making the mate.

I had a productive knitting weekend. I have taped all episodes for seasons 1-3 of Knitty Gritty on TIVO. I had started taping the different episodes on to VHS in order. Then our machine started to do wierd things. We called DirecTV, and they said they would send a new one out, but we had to dump everything from our "old" one). Therefore, I was recording all day yesterday. I had started the project earlier, but was in no rush, and I hadn't finished even season 1. Yesterday, I got all the way to towards the end of Season 2. DH & I decided that we would just return the box when we were done with it. He got almost all of his stuff off of it on Saturday. We were around 51% full, and we are now around 15% full, so, we worked real hard, but...

Plus, I went through all my magazines, patterns, catalogs, books, flyers, print-outs, what have you, and tried to organize them somehow. Progress was made in that my one shelf on the bookshelf isn't HARDLY enough, anymore. I need to buy some more of the plastic doo-hickeys that make a magazine fit into a 3-ring binder, and some more 3-ring binders so I can finish.

As I said, I finished the fair-isle sock. I am progressing slowly on the blue cardigan that I have had forever. I am working on a Sirdar sweater for Malik.

For the first time in a long time:
I would like to have sleeve #1 done for Malik's sweater and cast on for sleeve #2.
Pick a lace pattern
Work on DH vest.

I was planning on working a lot on DH vest during Memorial Day weekend cause he was going to spend the whole weekend golfing. Looked at the weather forcast for the weekend - not so much golfing! I thought he was going to cry.

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