Tuesday, May 09, 2006



This is, after all, a knitting blog.

I got to go see Debbie Stoller last week.

I brought the two books I already had (SnB and SnB Nation) and picked up the third.

I wasn't going to buy her new book, because I don't really want to crochet, but Malik wanted this hat from the book, so...

She got there, too bad I can't take pictures:

But Malik can take pictures, apparently:

Malik was there, so were DeAndre', Marcus and Ayanna. This baby, however, didn't want to be bothered:

I am making progress on my step-dad's father's day socks. This is last week:

Today I started the decreases for the toe.

And this was picture weekend at our house. The boys (I didn't really know they were getting thier pictures taken, but) got thier pics done at school and we picked up Ayanna's pictures.

This weekend, we couldn't resist:

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