Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Knitting Queen

I don't think I have ever had such a productive week. On Wednesday I finished my step-dad's socks.

On my way to work yesterday (literally, while walking in the office, I was knitting and finishing my sock), I finished a pair of socks for me! ME!! Imagine!! Saturday I worked for a couple of hours and started and got to the heel flap for a pair of fair isle socks for Ayanna.

I also got about half way done with one bootie for her.

Mother's day was good. I got to go to THREE LYS. While at Yarn Garden, I got a pattern, a size C crochet hook so I could pick up the stitches for the heel on Ayanna's fair isle sock, and buttons for the booties. While at Mabel's, I got two patterns and the yarn to make one, a Kacha-Kacha and a Universal Counter. Then we went to Abundant Yarn. OH, DANG! I just remembered something I wanted to look at while I was there. I wanted to buy some roving and a spindle, but they don't carry spindles, and the roving was in big huge amounts. I just wanna try spinning, I don't really wanna buy enough to make a sweater. Bought nothing there. Then we went to an all you can eat for "dinner" at like 3:00. Then we went bowling. It was fun, except my DH sprained or something his ankle, so he is hobbling.

Saturday we went to the cemetary. I saw this head stone:


JoanM said...

Wow you have been productive. Keep up the good work!!

knittinmom said...

Hey! I need a picture of your second pair of socks so I can give you your brownie point for sock-a-month!!!